The Guide to Choosing a Camera

Since the earliest days of Dental Photography, there have always been two different and very distinct markets for cameras. 25 years ago, we had customers choosing between Single Lens Reflex 35mm cameras and more simplified Polaroid Instant Cameras.

Today, we still see the distinct divide between small and simple and the highest level of picture taking via a camera that some may view as a more complicated camera. As a company that specializes in Dental Photography, Lester Dine has created a dental specific version of the small and simple camera, the Dine Digital Solution, and the Single Lens Reflex camera featuring the Dine patented Mini Ring and Point Flash.

The following will break down the two different style to help you choose the right camera for your practice.

The Dine Digital Solution

And then your second option would be toward Digital SLR’s.

Dine Corp

****Important note on the SLR’s the lightest weight and least expensive camera body options are all you need. There’s nothing to achieve by spending a lot of money on a camera body!!!

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