New LED Ring Light with Blue tooth hand control for Smart Phones

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Shadowless Ring light photography for your smart device.


The New Dine Smart LED Ring Light

Shadowless Intra-oral Illumination for your IPhones

You like the convenience of using your smart phone  for your clinical photos, but does sacrificing quality with poor lighting  and color make sense for important medical records?

Dine’s new Smart LED Ring Light properly illuminates the close up subject, turning your smart phone into a dental/medical camera. The LED Ring light provides full shadowless illumination inside the mouth for dental photography,  inside the surgical cavity as well as providing accurate color and illumination for cosmetic/plastic surgery, dermatology and ophthalmology.

The Dine’s Smart LED Ring Light also includes a blue tooth hand grip that makes the photography so easy.  The grip allows users to easily zoom in or out on their subject and quickly take a photo or video withtrigger pull. You never have to touch your smart phone. (for apple products only)

Your device can be connected and removed from your hand grip instantly. Best of all the grip frees up a hand to hold an intra-oral mirror, cheek retractors, shade guide or surgical instrument.

without built in flash

with Dine’s LED ring light

The Dine Smart LED Ring Light easily attaches to any smart phone and includes a long lasting battery and simple USB plug in charge cord.

without Dine’s light

with Dine’s LED ring light

Dine’s battery powered LED ring light adds the proper illumination to eliminate shadowing compared to using your device’s built in flash. The Dine invented Ring has for decades been the standard device for medical photography with traditional cameras, now this technology turns your smart device into a clinical camera. 



The light works with all smart devices. Blue tooth component works with all Apple products.

Circular LED Ring Light providing true white light to give you the most accurate color reproduction possible for your smart device.

Ideal device for dental, dermatological, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and ophthalmology.

Great for communication with Labs, Insurance companies, and referring physicians.

Attaches to all smart phones via spring attachment .Removes in seconds.

Easy to recharge

Provides all encompassing shadowless light

Significantly smallest LED light for dental and medical photography


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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in