New LED Ring Light with Blue tooth hand control for Smart Phones


LED Ring Flash for shadowless intra-oral photography. Fits on all smart devices (cameras and tablets). Battery operated and produces natural white light.


The New Dine Smart Ring Light

Shadowless Intra-oral Illumination for your smart phones

You like the convenience of using your smart phone  for your clinical photos, but does sacrificing quality  with poor lighting make sense for important medical records?. Dine’s new Smart LED Ring Light allows you achieve full intra-oral illumination as one would expect from a traditional ring flash. You can take your important clinical records without sacrificing lighting.

Plus its small and lightweight. Other solutions for adding light to smart phones add tremendous bulk to the devices, defeating the purpose of using your small hand held phone.

The Dine Smart LED Ring Light easily attaches to any smart phone comes with a long lasting battery and simple wall plug in charge cord.

without Dine’s light

with Dine’s LED ring light


Dine’s battery powered LED ring light adds the proper illumination to eliminate shadowing compared to using your device’s built in flash. The Dine invented Ring has for decades been the standard device for lighting inside the mouth with traditional cameras, now this technology turns your smart device into a clinical camera. 


Works with phones (iPhone, android etc)

Circular LED Ring Light providing true white light to give you the most accurate shading possible for your smart device.

Great for communication with Labs and Insurance companies

Attaches to all phone and tablet cases

Easy to recharge

Provides all encompassing shadowless light

Significantly smallest LED light for dentistry


Product price is $299

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs