Dine’s Smallest Mirrorless Dental/Orthodontic Camera EVER!!


Dine’s  OMD Mirrorless Camera

Lightweight affordable mirrorless camera

takes amazing photos

easy to use

includes  close up lens and ring flash


Dine OMD Mirrorless Dental Camera

Take your clinical photography to the next level with the lightweight and easy to use Dine OMD Mirrorless Dental camera. The camera feature Dine’s patented Mini Ring Flash as well as a 60 mm macro lens capable of photographing extreme dental close ups of 1:1 out to quadrant, anterior, buccal, occlusal, lingual and facial photos.

The smallest ring flash based dental camera available

Ideal for intra-oral and extra oral photography.

Weighs less than 2 lbs and easily held with one hand.

2x Magnification for extreme close ups

Capable of the full range of orthodontic photography

New Camera Special $1795

The Special Includes:

Olympus OMD Mark IV Camera

60mm Macro Lens

Dine OMD Ring Light

Hard Case

Auto Claveable Cheek Retractors

Surgical Steel Intra-oral Mirror

32 gig card and reader

Lifetime support

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs