Facial Plastics Camera

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Lester Dine Inc.’s new 16 mp Facial Plastics Camera is a high quality and simple to use solution for photographing the full range of surgical subject from full body to portraits to extreme close ups. The camera’s flash is modified for macro use and the firmware of the camera altered so that all the ideal settings for clinical photography are present. The ultimate goal is for doctor or auxiliary staff to be able to pick up the camera and successfully accomplish the full range of clinical photographs with ease and consistency.

Check out this testimonial by Dr. Joe Niamtu DMD

The camera is water resistant allowing it to be liquid sterilized in the office. It’s also highly durable and able to endure the rigors of day to day office use.

Camera Specs-

Dine Modified Firmware for close-up use

16.0-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor

Captures high-resolution images.
4x optical/3x digital/12x total zoom
Through an f/2 high-speed lens brings distant subjects and scenes into clear view.
High-definition video mode
Allows you to record quality footage with 1080p resolution.
Underwater modes with underwater HDR
Lets you shoot fun marine shots.
Variable macro system
With 4 modes offers flexible shooting options.
Quick-access custom modes
Provide easy access to personalized settings.
Built-in flash
Helps create optimal lighting conditions for crisp image capture.
Delivers sharp shots.
Built-in Wi-Fi
Allows you to wirelessly share images with compatible devices.
GPS and e.Compass
Let you add useful location data to your photos and videos.
To guard against moisture infiltration. The rugged design resists dust, freezing temperatures as low as 14°, shocks from heights up to 6.9′ and up to 220 lbf of crushing force for lasting use.
SD card slot
For a convenient storage solution. Store more photos! Find compatible memory cards in our Memory Card

The complete package from Lester Dine Inc includes the modified camera, hard carrying case, rechargeable battery and charger, a 32 gig memory card and memory card reader.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

No Software, With PixelEase Software