The Ronadró Collection

Lester Dine Inc is proud to present the timeless Ronadró Collection.

The Ronadró Collection offers educational/dental bronze sculptures and porcelain figurines crafted by the master artist, Ronadro’. For over 35 years dentists have made Ronadro’ sculptures and figurines highly prized and in demand. Over 8000 dentists in 80 countries collect his museum quality limited editions which are housed in museums and universities all over the world.

These amazing sculptures created by hand through the lost wax process can enhance your waiting room, personal office, or home. Ronadro’ worked with a variety of versatile mediums vaulting him to the forefront of the world’s most renowned sculptors and making his collection keepsakes to be passed down for generations.

Take advantage of this special pricing for a limited time on the most popular sculptures in the Ronadro’ collection through Lester Dine Inc. Orders can be placed via credit card and the interest free installment plan is available for as little as $200 a month. These sculptures are 100% tax deductible as office décor.

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