UV-C Disinfecting LED Wand for Dental Cameras, office keyboards, electronic devices. Single unit price $89.99


Protect yourself and the world around you with Dine’s UV-C  Disinfecting LED Wand. Available in single packs for $89.99 up to six packs for $480. Scroll down to learn more.



Dine’s NEW UV-C LED Disinfecting Wand

A fast and simple way to disinfect your dental camera, keyboard, phones, tablets, keys and other items around the office.  The 265-280 NM range LED wand is designed to eliminate up to 99.9% of the harmful virus, germs and bacteria in your surroundings,

Dine’s new UVC disinfecting wand  is your ideal solution for cleaning any inanimate item in the office that does lend itself to cleaning with chemical cleaners. It’s also a great “second cleaning” source after autoclaving and more traditional cleanings of instruments. It’s fast, efficient and the UVC producing LED lights will last through extended usage.

How does UV-C Destroy Virus’, Germs, and Bacteria?

The high energy from the short wavelength UVC light is absorbed in the cellular RNA and DNA, damaging nucleic acid and preventing microorganisms from infecting and reproducing. The absorption of UVC energy forms new bonds between nucleotides, creating double bonds or “dimers”. Dimerization of molecules particularly thymine, is the most common type of damage incurred by UVC light in microorganisms. Formation of thymine dimers in the DNA of viruses and bacteria prevents replication and ability to infect

Here’s an additional info on how the UV-C concept works. https://tru-d.com/howuvcworks/

The wand includes a USB charge plug as well as full instructions and one year warranty.

Small and Portable

The lightweight (1.5 in wide/12 in long) wand is easy to carry and store.

Recommended use time… minimum  5-10 seconds from 4 inches away from subject.

3 hours of non stop use per charge. Can be attached to included USB charger in between use.

Simple to use


Do not shine directly into eyes (Click here for UVC protective glasses)

Do not use it on the body of humans or animals

Please use the product as intended.

Use it on non-living subjects/objects.

It’s small, lightweight and sterilizes in under a minute.

$89.99 per unit price

prices are discounted in quantities





Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

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