Restoration from the Ronadró Collection



Restoration from the Ronadró  Collection

The implants have been completed; it is now time for the restoration process, hence……”Restoration”. The sculpture actually speaks for itself. A new look, a new style, a new patina…everything about “Restoration” is 21st century art at its finest. The acid patinas applied can only be applied if the bronze itself is in a mirror finish. Simply stated, the bronze must be smooth as a glass mirror. This in itself is a very time consuming process, but in the end, well worth the time and effort. The blue patina has a marble look which gradually fades into a beautiful soft brown on the dentist’s hand. The bridge is in a complimentary satin finish. The same soft brown is used on the patients mouth and nose which is reversed blended into the blue environment. The edge of the sculpture is in high polished bronze which gives “Restoration” its’ final touch.

edium: Bronze
Weight: 21 lbs.
Size: 8.5″ w x 10″ d x 21″ h

Artist’s Proofs: 25
Limited Edition: TBA

Product Price $4995/Special Price $3996