Pixelease Imaging Software




Dine’s Pixelease Software-Dental image management and Orthodontic template printing software

Do you have an answer to the question “What am I going to do with my clinical images once I have them on my computer?”

If your answer is no, Pixelease Dental Image Management, Imaging and Printing Software is an excellent solution.

Pixelease is a Windows based program that combines three software components…

Image Management…Image Printing…and Cosmetic Imaging into one program.

Image Management:

create patient files

communicate directly with your digital camera or add photo images to add images to the patient files

edit the images (crop, rotate, lighten/darken, add text)

Tag text to the images for cross referencing

run slide show presentations


Cosmetic Imaging:

Whiten Teeth

Close Diastemas

Lengthen Teeth

Change Gumlines

You have tools to edit and change image to create a “what if” for your patient.



Lay images out for printing in a variety of different printable templates

Typical 9 picture orthodontic template

Before and Afters side by side

Write letters and put images into letters

create and save your own desired template layout

Save image layouts as .jpg’s for email


Total price $395 includes product on CD-ROM and full instructions and lifetime support from Dine



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