Nikon D3500 with Nikon 85mm Macro lens and Dine Dual Point Flash


The Nikon D3500 with Dual point flash and 85mm lens is the lightest weight dual point flash camera system on the market. If you are looking for a system that gives you complete control over your flash’s output and angulation please read below.


Dine’s New Dual Point Flash with Nikon’s D3500/85mm Macro Lens

The New Dine Dual Point Flash System with Nikon’s small and lightweight 24 mp D3500 camera and 85mm macro lens is a fantastic photographic solution for the cosmetic dentist or dental photographer looking to have more control over their flash system. The entire system weighs considerably less than other dual point flash camera kits on the market. The Dine Dual Point flash can be angled in multiple directions to allow the photographer to control the look and feel of their flash. The Dual Point Flash also comes with a flash diffuser to limit the effect of the flash on the teeth. Users can turn a flash off to cast light from just one side of the unit as well. If you want total control over your dental flash this system gives it to you.

The  complete camera package includes:

The 24 mp Nikon D3500 camera system pre set for dentistry

Nikon 85mm macro lens

Dine Dual Point Flash

Hard carrying case

Cheek Retractors

Intra-oral Mirror

rechargeable AA and AAA batteries for the flash

16 gb card and card reader

The camera is pre set for dental photography and comes with lifetime phone, email and live chat support

Complete price $1795


Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 8 in

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