Dine Mini Ring and Point Flash w/Canon 60mm macro lens for Orthodontic Photography



The ideal lens and flash to complete your dental camera. Lester A. Dine Inc.’s dental lens/flash package combines the powerful and high quality 60mm Canon macro lens  with the most unique flash for dental picture taking.

The Lens:the Canon 60mm macro lens is capable of photographing the full range of orthodontic subject from as close as 6 – 8 teeth intra-orally outward to facial picture taking. The lens is capable of being used in manual or autofocus and fully functions on the full array Canon cameras. The lens is lightweight and can be used in manual or autofocus mode.

The Flash: To complement the macro lens, Dine provides the Mini Ring and Point Flash. This Lester Dine designed flash combines the two ideal lights for Dental Photography, the Ring Flash for intra-oral use and the point flash for facial photography. The smallest and lightest ring flash available.

The complete price for Canon 60mm macro lens and Dine’s Mini Ring and Point Flash is $1095.

The lens and flash includes lifetime telephone support. You are welcome to call the day you get your system and we will walk you through settings on your camera body to make sure you hit the ground running.


Price for Mini Ring and Point Flash and 60mm macro lens w/Dine’s Dental Standardization Guide $1295.00

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Weight 6 lbs