Dine LED Ring Light w/Samsung Galaxy 9 Smart Phone


Dine’s LED Ring Light w/ Samsung’s Galaxy 9

Does it make sense to use your personal phone in a clinical environment?

You and your staff wear a mask and gloves when working with a patient, yet so often doctors will think nothing of putting their personal phone right up to a patient’s mouth or surgical cavity to take a photo then they put their phone right into their pocket and use it later in the day to make a personal call. Why not invest in a dedicated office smart phone?

Dine’s new LED Ring Light w/blue tooth hand grip control is now available with one of the best smart phones on the market, the Samsung Galaxy 9. The Galaxy 9 has a fantastic camera that when coupled with the Dine LED Ring Light takes excellent clinical photos. Capable of illuminating hard to light clinical subjects like deep inside the mouth intra-oral photos and the surgical cavity for terrific medical photos, the Dine LED Ring Light is an essential accessory to those wishing to improve the lighting capability of their smart phone. The included blue tooth hand grip can be attach and removed quickly and easily via a spring load holder. The grip will allow you to control the zoom and picture taking of the camera with one hand freeing the other hand to hold an instrument. The light outputs 5500 degree kelvin true white light and will overcome any odd room lighting to give you true color, ideal for dental laboratory communication.

about the smart phone

Samsung Galaxy S9 – Unlocked SM-G960U1 – smartphone – 4G LTE – 64 GB – microSDXC slot – CDMA / GSM – 5.8″ – 2960 x 1440 pixels (570 ppi) – Super AMOLED – RAM 4 GB – 12 MP (8 MP front camera) – Android – midnight black

  • Dual Aperture F2.4-F1.54 lens captures the right amount of light, day or night
  • Emojis that allow you to personalize your messages to look just like you
  • Crisp and loud surround sound tuned by AKG
  • Super AMOLED Infinity Display
  • Water resistant
  • Iris Scanner and Facial Recognition

The complete package includes:

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy 9

Dine LED Smart LED Ring Light

Bluetooth hand grip w/app to control smart phones camera

Intra-oral Mirror

Cheek Retractors

Lifetime technical support

Total Price $1099

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs